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Display Cabinets for Schools, Universities and Educational Institutes

Cabinets and Showcases are delighted to be suppliers to many Schools, Academy’s, Universities and associated councils and companies.
Some of our cabinets are ideal for trophies and awards, artwork, science projects and pupils work.

All include lockable doors, tempered saftey glass and LED bulb lighting as standard.

Add fitted graphics at a competitive price to advertise your name, logo or motto.

Listed below is a small sample from our extensive range of display cabinets which are the most popular for schools

SWC-1000 Silver
SWC-TC-1000 Silver
SWC-TC-CN1 Silver
CT1-400 Counter Silver or Black
CT1-600 Counter Silver or Black
BC-08 Beech
BC-10 Beech
WC12-12 Silver
WC8-12 Silver
S-400 Silver
LR-500 Silver or Black


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